Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quick Simple Food Storage

I had always heard how we as LDS Members needed food storage. The difficulties that I had in doing so were the following:

1. It was expensive.
2. Where would I store it all?
3. I really don't like rice and beans, how would I rotate it so it stayed fresh?

I have recently found a product that solves these problems for me:

1. Very inexpensive $69
2. Easy to store
3. It has a 20 year shelf life!
4. It will feed one person for an entire year!

Here is some more information:

Each 5-gallon bucket contains:

* 55 individual five-serving packages
* Pre-mixed and seasoned foods that taste great
* Easily transportable in case of emergency
* Convenient sized packaging
* Simple preparation: boil water, add ingredients & simmer for 20 minutes
* Up to a 20 year shelf life
* Vitamin and mineral fortied for great nutrition
* 100% vegetarian

Includes the following food packages:

* Barley Vegetable
* Corn Chowder
* Blueberry Pancakes
* Potato Bakon
* Ala King
* Rice Lentil
* Cacciatore
* Western Stew
* Country Noodle
* Whey Milk